Sunday, June 17, 2007

Meg's Father's Day post

This is Uncle Dave's new snow cat. I don't know why he brought it. I think he brought it here because he needed Dad to fix it.
But, I don't know where it's broke...

Dad ordered this swimming pool from Cabelas. Around it is going to be part of our yard, so we are going to need a sprinkler here to water the grass. We put sod around it. Maybe we need some more sod, but that's okay, because we can get some!

The truck that Grandpa Paul drove to our house. Katie is in front of it.
Grandpa Paul with his truck. He came to visit us today.

Mom's Poppies

Mom's Irises in her flower bed.

From Joe:

Rain in her Cage
Rain is our bird. My mom found her because she lit on the ground in front of her on a windy day in the school parking lot. Rain has a new cage.

Joe in the Water

Guthrie in the Water
My pal Guthrie has just come off the big slide.
Feet in the water!
This is Jackson's swimming pool. This is Joe's feet. This picture looks funny to me. I'm upside down because on this slide I feel over on my back and I turned over on my belly and it tossed me face first into the water.

Monday, June 11, 2007

With Alison

With my friend Alison
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Meg on her bike again...

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Megan on PJ

Here's me (Megan) riding PJ with Alison. We're at the rodeo grounds.
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Megan's Bike Ride

This is me riding with no training wheels. I just learned how.
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First day of Summer!

This is our house on the first day we got to stay home from school this summer.
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