Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It came. (Cristy's post)

It really did! That blindly beautiful time of year that makes this place so magical. My friend Ann calls them the "thank you God for letting me live here" days. I uploaded a lot of pictures in different sizes, and I can't tell what's going to end up where when I publish the post, so forgive me if the words and photos are a jumble. I wanted to post some of my perennials that I'm excited about -
My siberian iris looked like it was going to die last year, but this year I think it might bloom!
Some variety of sedum that came from Trail Creek a few years ago - one of my favorites, although it's kind of unusual. It must makes such a tidy, nice little ball of a plant, then late July early August it gets big, flat pink flowers on it that last way late into the frost, after most everything else is dead. I'd like to get some more of these.
The honeysuckle is gorgeous this year - that long, miserable cold spring that had everybody so frustrated (snow on father's day??? Come on now.) held the blossoms back onn the lilac, chokecherry, these honeysuckle, and the crab apples (I don't have one of those YET!!) and they bloomed late and didn't get frosted. That's my theory anyway - for what ever reason, they sure are beautiful this year. Flowers on EVERYTHING.
Peony!!!! Blooming it's first year!! (the fence is because it got really tall and flopped over. It has a bunch of buds - wonder what color it is... I can't remember what I bought! I hope it's white. Or pink. Or any other color.
Columbines are becoming almost weedy. From seed, all. They're everywhere.
Think the birds will get these??
I tried painting from this spot - I'm afraid the photo is prettier. Brad and Sandy's pasture.
This ordinary oriental poppy is from seed, so I think it's kind of cool. Took three years for it to finally bloom!

This ordinary oriental poppy is even more cool. It's the only plant that came up from the seeds I snatched from Great Grandpa Johnson's poppy patch, that his dad brought from Sweden. I don't think it will bloom this year, but next it will, if I don't kill it! I'm being really careful.
Planters I put together for a friend as a wedding gift. Herbs and violas in the first, flowers in the other. I love alyssum and lobelia together. (Hmm....spell check doesn't like either of those spellings, but it can't find the right one. Guess I'll go with it.)
Joe's planter. Got anything you want to say, Joe?
I let them choose their own plants at the nursery. I think Joe's turned out really pretty.
Meg's planter. Megan?
"I like the colors of my plants because they're really pretty. The snap dragons are fun to snap. You should try it! "

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