Sunday, April 5, 2009


The result of our largely unsuccessful attempt at hatching eggs - having them shipped in in March was a bad idea, it appears. Of course, the week before they shipped the temps were in the 20s, but dipped down to -11 the week of shipping. So - the sole survivor and only hatchling. It peeped pitifully until Meg donated a stuffed animal to keep it company, which helped considerably. Since the incubation took place Jennifer's kindergarten room, the chick will live there a week or two as a class pet. And - it needs a name!!

So - A name contest!!
We'll compile entries from this blog and from the kindergarten room and pick a name next week. Enter in the comments - as many times as you like, only rule is that it must be gender non-specific, as we won't know sex until it crows or lays eggs. (I'm not very good at telling.)
Thanks - can't wait to hear your ideas!!! The baby is getting tired of being called "peep", I think!

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Anonymous said...

Cute photos, and a very cute story.. what a Lucky little chick.
love and miss you all. nanny