Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Horse, Blue Horse

A new guy we are trying out. "Bubba", who belongs to Ray Z. and lived on the CL Bar. Ray says he doesn't want to ride anymore, and someone should use Bubba because he's too good a horse to just stand in the pasture the rest of his life. He's 17 or so, and loves people. So far he and Dan are getting along fine. We're delighted to give him a try - he sure is pretty. The top photos don't show accurate color - the setting sun makes him look too gold. The bottom one is better - he's very blue - Grulla, I think is the right name for his color. It's hard to describe - the color of a baby mouse? Lighter than a storm cloud, darker than silver. See the stripes on his legs? His ears are outlined black, and the backs of his ears are black on the top haves, with little silver tips. I'll try to take some better pictures.
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