Monday, February 15, 2010


Our latest purchase, from Dennis Cusik in Heber City - "Quiero Saber de Ti", or more popularly known as "Willy". (Willy Wonka, according to the barn help)

I originally looked at him for Megan, but decided he's a little too much for her at the moment, but couldn't pass him up so I bought him for me. In this clip he's showing off his spectacular ground manners (no treats involved - he's just hooked on to her...). Mostly I posted this one because the riding ones are too long - I'll update when he actually comes to live with us. (next Friday) Now, Willy comes complete with an optional "Free Wild BLM Burro" package - which we're still debating. I think I may have my friend Amy convinced to be backup for me on the burro in case my fence won't hold her (she was extremely cute and lovable - we didn't see the wild side, but I'm sure it's there). Megan and Alison were definitely enthralled - and the burro seemed to really like them, but it will break Buck's "No Mares on the Place" rule. Her name is Muffin, but Amy says if we bring her home we'll change it - Juniper is the favorite at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Oh man! Willy looks like a keeper! Muffin will be great. But you know those guys live forever!!!! My Grandma has one that is about 40. :)


Cristy said...

I hope Willy's a keeper, Betty!
Muffin/Juniper was adorable - all lovable fuzzy curious....Dennis assured me that he could trim her feet - but only if she was within sight of Willy - and that she'd never kicked. Jennifer Hayward assured me that "they all kick." She did say that she'd break her for me if I want, but that she charged extra for burros. :)

Anonymous said...

very way cool. as in YEPPERS.

Anonymous said...

Too dang sweet! Looks like you found a good one!


Anonymous said...

the video came out sweet, the two photos not at all.
nuthun there.